The Styrian healthcare system

Path of the styrian health system
Path of the Styrian health system

“Gesund informiert” shows you the different points of contact within the Styrian healthcare system and what they can do.

Which contact point within the healthcare system is right for me? Who should I contact? This is not always clear when you have a health problem: Should I contact my GP? Should I contact a medical specialist? Should I go to the outpatient clinic at the hospital? Or perhaps I don’t need any medical care at all?

Our healthcare system provides many different services. Not every service is equally suitable for every health problem or able to offer the fastest care. If you seek help at the right place, you will receive the best possible care and save yourself unnecessary journeys, long waiting times and delays in treatment.

Explanatory video: Healthcare in Austria

The video explains healthcare in Austria in a way that is easy to understand. The video is in German and is available in twelve other languages.

Click here for the video in all twelve languages: https://www.gesundheit.gv.at/service/videos/gesundheitssystem/wo-bekomm…


My own contribution to my health

Health symbol

You do not always need a doctor. Many minor ailments can easily be alleviated by yourself or go away on their own after a short time – such as a cold. If you want to help yourself, you need experience and, above all, information from reputable sources.

Health hotline 1450

Telephone with the number 1450

Whether you have stomach cramps or a swollen insect bite, pain often occurs suddenly and can be unsettling. The health hotline 1450 is your first point of contact for any questions you may have about your health and is available free of charge 24 hours a day, every day of the year.

General practitioners and health centres

symbol of a doctor

Your family doctor is your first port of call for all health problems. They have extensive general medical knowledge and can recognise whether your symptoms are minor complaints or a serious illness. In many cases, your GP will be able to help you and you will not need any further care. 

Specialists and specialist centres

symbol of a specialist centre

Specialists are the right people to contact for specific and complex complaints and illnesses. They can diagnose you and plan further treatment. You sometimes need a referral to access specialist treatment, and you will always need an appointment.

Hospital (outpatient clinics and wards)

symbol of a hospital

If you have a serious illness or a serious accident (injury), you will receive top medical care in the Styrian outpatient clinics and hospitals. They also perform operations here. GPs or specialists will know whether you need to go to hospital. If necessary, they will arrange for you to be taken to hospital.


emergency symbol

The emergency care department is responsible for acute medical emergencies. If something has happened, you should call the emergency services directly on 144. You will then be able to immediately access the right department. The emergency services have an electronic system that displays the availability of hospitals in real time.



Wissen wie man gesund lebt und bleibt, Krankheiten vorbeugt und welche Angebote unser Gesundheitssystem bietet.


Wer Hilfe an der richtigen Stelle sucht, wird bestens versorgt und erspart sich unnötige Wege und lange Wartezeiten.

Hilfe & Tipps

Seriöse und richtige Informationen erkennen und wissen, wo man danach sucht. Tipps für bessere Arztgespräche.

Die Podcasts

Expertinnen und Experten beantworten Fragen rund um die Gesundheit. Einfach und verständlich.