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Do you know this situation? Whenever you’re in with the doctor, you get very nervous. You forget to ask important questions and, after you leave the surgery, you can no longer remember exactly what the doctor said. Lots of people feel like this. The good news is that you can do a lot to ensure that your consultation is successful and that you get exactly the information you want. 

Three questions for my health

To make good decisions, you need to ask your doctor questions. You have a right to understandable information and you can ask questions until everything is clear to you!


Tell your doctor why you are here today. What do you need to explain in this meeting?


Ask what you can do to improve your health problem. What options are there?


What effects can you expect? Ask about the advantages and disadvantages of the treatment.

Consultations with doctors often take place under time pressure, which means sometimes the first reaction to your question(s) may be a sigh. But: doctors know that unanswered questions can cause problems later on, so they will endeavour to answer your questions.

How do I prepare for the consultation?

How well you communicate with your doctor has a major influence on the success of your treatment! Good preparation is therefore particularly important. Use the “My doctor's consultation - questions and answers” booklet to prepare for your consultation:

Before you visit the doctor

checklist in the booklet (see page 5) will remind you which important documents you should take with you when you visit the doctor. For example, your e-cardyour diagnostic findings and your list of medications.

You can use the booklet to note down any medications you are currently taking and whether you have any allergies or intolerances (from page 11). This is also important information for your doctor.

It helps your doctor to know how you classify your own complaints (see page 20). Where exactly does it hurt and how badly? You can also think about the possible cause of your discomfort or pain.

This booklet (page 34) also provides information about which questions you can and should ask the doctor. Think about what questions you have beforehand and write them down.

During the appointment

Ask your doctor all the questions that are important to you.

The booklet contains space to make notes during the consultation with your doctor (from page 41).

If you have not understood something, ask your doctor to explain it to you again. Until you have understood all the information. 

Finally, summarise your notes in your own words for the doctor. This way you can be sure you have understood everything correctly!

After your appointment

Have you forgotten to ask your doctor an important question? Or have you thought of more questions later? Write them down in the booklet and ask the questions next time you visit the doctor.

You can always reread the doctor's answers and the agreements you made during the consultation and refer to them later. This will help you avoid misunderstandings, even if you have not been able to remember everything.

The “My doctor's consultation – questions and answers” booklet should provide you with help and support before, during and after your visit to the doctor. You can use the booklet yourself and/or recommend it to other people who might benefit from it.

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